Why US?

Image of Desinger Nelson Cole

With 25+ years of marketing and entrepreneurship, I have seen both sides of the equation from both the consumer and the business owner’s perspective.

I have been what some people might call, a serial entrepreneur. As a child growing up in a poor area of Baltimore City, we had to be resourceful and creative to have things others may of taken for granted. 

These early struggles in life helped me to overcome obstacles by being modeled into an out of the box thinker and a successful businesses owner.

Over the years I have created, ran, and sold several successful businesses, from an Office Coffee Service to a Lead Generation company securing contracts with Baltimore’s Verizon Business Center, all of the YMCA’S of Central Maryland, several locations inside John’s Hopkins Hospital as well as many small to medium size local businesses. 

  Now I am using this knowledge to help others with small to medium businesses succeed online with superior design and superior marketing.